DRESS FOR YOU: lady boss

Those who follow me on Instagram, know I was in a bit of a panic a few weeks ago when I decided that, after a long hiatus, I would complete the second portion of my degree to become a practicing lawyer. Continue reading

DRESS FOR YOU: sneakers let you run faster

I wanted to try something different with my wardrobe last winter.  After culling my wardrobe vigorously, I realised something – I had owned a lot of crap.  A lot of ‘I might like it one day’ pieces, a lot of ‘this is good but only for this occasion’ pieces, a lot of stuff I had gotten sick of but thought I might like again and a lot of poor online purchases.

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simple, yet effective

I love this quick and easy look.  Thrown together in a second and (baby willing) can take you from day to night.  The floral pattern on the bomber jacket adds a beautiful feminine element to a masculine design.

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here comes the sun

It’s starting to feel like spring.  The days are still hit and miss but there’s definitely more sun and a little more energy in the air.  We’re lucky where we live – we get the full brunt of each season.  To me, this means four different wardrobes and lots of transitional pieces.  This outfit is all about transition – brave enough to expose a little skin, but not brave enough to leave home without a light jacket.

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