HOME LIFE: dining room

Last time I posted about my home was an embarrassing 1 year and 8 months ago (you can view that here).  I’ve been tackling my house one room at a time which evidently, is an incredibly slow way of doing things.  But that’s ok – if we can still function in any given room, we’re happy.

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DRESS FOR YOU: hello cold weather

I want to try something a little different with my blog.  I didn’t create this blog to be endless posts providing free advertising for a multitude of companies.  I created it as a place to document things that add value to my life in a bid to add value to yours.

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DRESS FOR YOU: feeling pretty

Much to my mother’s dismay, I’ve never been a dress girl.  In fact, you’ll almost always find me in anything but.  Nevertheless, this one has won me over with it’s simplicity – I love the ruffle detail in the sleeves but what I love most is the fact I can chuck it on and go about my business.

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DRESS FOR YOU: barbecue season

Barbecue season really starts post-Christmas celebrations.  With New Years and Australia Day on the horizon and with temperatures starting to soar, socialising over a hot grill becomes a frequent occurrence. Continue reading

DRESS FOR YOU: sneakers let you run faster

I wanted to try something different with my wardrobe last winter.  After culling my wardrobe vigorously, I realised something – I had owned a lot of crap.  A lot of ‘I might like it one day’ pieces, a lot of ‘this is good but only for this occasion’ pieces, a lot of stuff I had gotten sick of but thought I might like again and a lot of poor online purchases.

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HOME LIFE: tips for getting your home sale ready

We’ve put our home on the market.  For those of you who are wondering – no, we’re not selling because we’re currently separated.  We’ve realised that we’re tired of working only to pay bills.  (We have a couple of debts to take care of – hangovers from me being off work for a year with Bella.)

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