WELLNESS: why i’ve given up coffee

Coffee.  The beverage that makes the world go ’round.  Pre-January 1 2020, coffee was my reason for getting out of bed.  The ritual of making it, smelling it and sipping it while I got ready for the day was everything. Continue reading

THE WELLNESS SERIES: five healthy habits you don’t need to wait until the new year to start

Let’s cut through the crap.  I’ve been a bit indulgent and, with lack of a better word, lazy, of late.  Now that silly season has well and truly begun with all the madness that comes with it there are some habits that I’m dying to bring back to the daily routine to help keep the sanity.  So as much as this is for you, this is for me too – I need that kick in the butt to get back to good things.


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THE WELLNESS SERIES: finding motivation

I have always been interested in health.  However, my motivation now is different to when I was younger.  Having been lucky enough to have never had a weight problem, back then my motivation was based purely on what celebrity I idolised that day.  Now it’s spurred on by something different – and it’s not because I’m now a mum.

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