HOME LIFE: the urban composter

I am becoming increasingly aware of the waste I produce both inside and out of my home.  Everything seems to come wrapped up in layers and layers of plastic only to be collected in more plastic and taken to landfill.

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SUMMER ESSENTIALS: the beginning

It is currently the 15th of July – this means there are 138 days until summer officially starts in the southern hemisphere.  Now, I thought I was ready for the summer.  I wouldn’t have cared if you put me in a bikini tomorrow.  However, an experience today made me realise – actually, I do care.

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LIFE LESSONS 102: she might be over you

I am by no means a relationship expert – late 20’s, single mother and all that.  My circumstances are hardly a recipe for a relationship guru and yet, I keep getting asked for advice.  So here is a short, non-exhaustive list of things girls might do if they’re over you: Continue reading


I’ve been trying to get back into regular reading.  It’s so easy to find other things to do but I notice such a difference in my mental wellbeing if I take time out to read.  I guess the silence, the lack of chatter, the absence of technology humming, reading becomes a form of meditation.

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